Webcast Auctions

BidJS webcast auction software enables you to host live webcast auctions from your own website in real-time. 

Webcast auctions make bidding interactive, fast-paced and exciting for buyers in almost any industry.  Our webcast auction software was developed with auctioneers, buyers and industry leaders.  Whether you’re looking for a webcast auction solution for a small startup or a multinational company, we can help you bring your auctions to a larger audience all over the world.

App free bidding

Our fully HTML5 webcast auction software runs directly from your website, making it simple and easy for your users to bid from all major browsers and mobile devices, without having to download any unnecessary apps!

User friendly

The Bidlogix webcast auction solution is fully integrated to the software both in the auctioneer admin and in the user interface. Users can search, watch and control webcast items just as they would with any other item on the site.


As soon as you have uploaded your webcast auction catalogue you can start attracting bids in any time zone or currency. We know your bidders are busy people too, so our live auction software allows users to easily place bids before the sale day and during the auction.

Maximum bid function

Bidders can set a maximum bid and watch other items while the software increases the bid during the auction up to the maximum set. Outbid notifications are automatically sent when the maximum has been reached. AT suggested addition: Once the auction is live users can place max bids on upcoming lots to ensure they do not miss out on bidding on an item

Webcast auction features

BidJS webcast auction software is packed full of all the features auctioneers need to provide a seamless user experience for live online auctions.

  • Integration with UStream for HD quality live audio and video
  • Sell in whole numbers and decimals
  • Group items
  • Offer choice
  • Quickly change increments
  • Send auction-based and item-based messages to users

Get started

Whatever assets you need to auction online, you can start experiencing successful sales in no time with our easy to install webcast auction software.  Our step-by-step guides will have you up and running in minutes, or we can recommend partners around the world to install the software for you.  Get in touch with our friendly team for a free, no-obligation demo today.