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Bidlogix launch new payment solution

auctionPay is a new payment solution for auctioneers created by bidding software experts Bidlogix

UK-based auctioneers can now receive payments from successful bidders within moments of the auction ending - quickly and securely.

With auctionPay the days of sending an invoice and waiting weeks for payment are over.

Set up in minutes

Set up is easy. Just answer a few questions, provide your bank details and you’re ready to go. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can start receiving payments.

You don’t even need a merchant account. There’s no coding required and no API to install. You don’t have to use the Bidlogix platform either.

Safe, secure and fast

auctionPay is safe and secure. It's built using Stripe's state of the art encryption technology, giving you to access to one of the world’s largest, most secure payment gateways without having to go through a lengthy on-boarding process.

Bidders won't see your bank account details either. Instead, they receive a unique payment link allowing them to pay straight away by card, e-wallet, bank transfer or mobile payment.

The moment the bidder makes a payment you get notified and your invoicing software is updated automatically.

Regular bidders can save their payment details too, meaning next time they can pay with just one click.

Transparent, low cost pricing

auctionPay's pricing is simple and transparent.

It costs just 1.4% plus 25p per transaction. That’s cheaper than any comparable product. It’s even cheaper than using Stripe’s services yourself*.

Get auctionPay set up for free today.

*Indirect costs involved with setting up Stripe directly