https encryption

All pages of the biglogix sites are protected by https encryption, so all personal and bidding data is encrypted between the servers and the users.

User email confirmation

Creation of accounts by users have to be validated to prove that the email address that has been used to register is genuine

Password Salting

Safety with passwords is key. Users passwords are MD5 hashed and salted, then re-hashed using SHA-512 for 1000 rounds for key strengthening

Account Locking

In the event a rogue account has been created, their account can be locked quickly and easily by system administrators

Secure Servers

All bidlogix sites use a datacentre that has been designed from the ground up with resilience and security at its foundation, features include:

  • No “single points of failure”
  • All connections “doubled up”
  • Bank of batteries in the UPS
  • Diesel generator backup, with contracts in place to supply these with fuel indefinitely
  • State of the art Fire detection
  • Isolating Portal
  • Staffed 24/7
  • Specialist security teams
  • Barriers to vehicular traffic
  • Intrusion detection on data floor
  • CCTV

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