Intelligent Item Creation and Control

Uploading the Intelligent way

A key feature of the bidlogix system is the ability to create items quickly and efficiently using the intelligent upload tool.

Integrated Spreadsheet

Creating your auction catalogue is made even easier with the bidlogix spreadsheet. Always saving, you are never in danger of losing your work. Instant feedback lets you know when something you have entered is not valid, whilst not stopping you continue to enter information.

Bulk changes, re-ordering, selecting categories and mapping locations are all simple and quick to do.


You can also easily upload to the bidlogix spreadsheet using a template. Unlike most other systems information is accepted in any format, with any problem areas simply highlighted for you to correct.

Controlling an Item Once Live

Once you have set your item live the bidlogix system helps you to stay in control.


Items can be suspended to prevent further bidding, allowing you to quickly make required changes.


The withdraw option allows you to remove an item from the sale but keep it publically viewable, so your users know it is no longer available.

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