Case Study

Bidlogix partners with search and discovery experts Algolia

Search just got smarter

A suite of smart search tools is now seamlessly integrated into BidJS V5, Bidlogix’s market leading auction software. The latest update to BidJS V5 brought an upgrade to the way users can search auction listings. 

The result? Faster, more accurate results leading to improved conversion and higher bids. 

Incorporating the power of AI 

Using technology developed by discovery experts Algolia, BidJS V5 now provides search results powered by AI. 

So when users mis-spell a search query, useful results are returned. This is really important as 12% of users leave a website after an unsuccessful search.* This ‘fuzzy search’ functionality means that even with extra or incorrect letters in search queries, the user still finds what they are looking for. 

The new Algolia search tech is intelligent too. It understands synonyms – so if a user searches for ‘ovens’ it could display results that include ‘cookers’, ‘hobs’ and ‘microwaves’ as well. You can build out your synonym database to make these results even more appropriate for the unique products in your auctions.

Bidlogix actively partners with specialist solutions providers, like Algolia, rather than using our development teams to write these services from scratch. This means we can focus on our core business of developing cost effective scalable bidding software, whilst giving our customers access to tools that provide the best possible service to their bidders.

Adam Taylor


And there’s more to come

This is just the beginning. As future updates to BidJS V5 are rolled out, there’s potential to add more of Algolia’s smart search functionality.

Autocomplete and personalised search results based on a user’s previous search behaviour are both being considered – offering up even faster, more accurate search results and more bids at higher prices.