Case Study

Taking Back Control

Instead of paying to use a third party platform, BPI Auctions wanted to own their online auctions from start to finish. Bidlogix's BidJS software was the ideal solution. 

The result? Three times as many auctions and huge uplift in business.

BPI Auctions is one of the UK's leading auctioneers for online asset disposal, with customers around the globe. In business since 2010, the team runs hundreds of auctions across a huge array of sectors from engineering to home and garden, gym and leisure to catering and vehicles. 

When they started out, BPI Auctions used a third party auction platform. Whilst this made it easy to get the business up and running, they realised there were significant downsides. Paying a percentage of every sale really added up and there was little they could do if the platform decided to increase them. Additionally their auctions were competing with auctions from hundreds of other auctioneers. More important still was the impact on business growth - using a third party platform meant establishing the BPI Auctions brand was harder and data about customers provided by the platform was minimal. All those BPI Auctions customers were visiting the bidding platform, rather than their own website. They were giving too much away and not getting enough in return. The team wanted to take back control

BidJS will allow you to explore a new market and operate under your own terms, backed by a support team who understand the auction industry better than the competition.

Rob Holroyd

Marketing Director
BPI Auctions

Own your customer, build your brand

To build a business that stands the test of time, you have to own your customer relationships and have an instantly recognisable brand. Relying on a third party that can change its pricing structure, potentially favour your competitors and hold on to much of the useful customer data becomes increasingly risky. 

After seven years using the third party platform, setting up on their own was nonetheless a big step. Would the integration work? Would customers be happy? The BPI Auctions team needed a partner they could depend upon who would work with them step by step to grow their business. They quickly realised Bidlogix could provide exactly what they needed.

Our team worked with BPI Auctions to integrate BidJS seamlessly on their website. At the same time the BPI auctions marketing team worked hard to communicate with customers, explaining the real upsides for everyone. The hard work paid off in spades. With complete control of the auction process from start to finish, they could focus on growing the business investing money saved from not using the third party site into more marketing and brand building activity, using all the data they collected to get a better understanding of what their customers wanted.