Case Study

A Perfect Partnership

Bidlogix's bidding software integrates seamlessly with Artisio's back office solutions.

The result? The total online auction package

Artisio is a new cloud-based auction management system - created by a team of leading industry professionals with decades of experience in auction technologies and management.

Launched in October 2020, it offers unrivalled back office functionalities for small, medium and large auction houses. Because it's cloud-based, it's secure, fast and highly scaleable. Clients get a feature-rich, intuitive package that can handle inventory management, CRM, sales management, accounting and finance. Better still, Artiso comes with its own API which means it can be easily integrated with admin and marketing systems like SalesForce, HubSpot, Stripe, Xero, Sage, Bidlogix, other bidding platforms and Mailchimp. No other cloud auctioneer back office software offers such a broad range of features. 

The Ideal Opportunity

Artisio's business model is built on the idea of partnerships. Offering an API from day one was all about making it really easy to combine their tech with partners like us. So it's no surprise that we immediately saw the potential for combining it with our industry-leading BidJS real time bidding software. 

Put the two together and you have the world's most powerful fully integrated online auction package. Straight out of the box - everything you need is there to run real time auctions at scale anywhere. And with a set up time that's measured in hours. It's the perfect partnership and we're excited to be working with Artisio in this way. 

Bidlogix understand the value of partnership and it is very easy to integrate into their system. The technology they use for live auction system is one of the best

Berdia Qamarauli


The First Big Win

There's already been a huge surge of interest. BPI auctions, one of the world's leading industrial auction houses has signed up and plans to manage up to 900 auctions a year on the combined Artisio/Bidlogix platform. A number of other major auction houses look set to come onboard soon. 

The integration between the two systems is seamless. The auction is set up quickly and efficiently using Artisio's cloud-based software, it then takes place in real time using BidJs. After the auction, the data is pulled pack to Artisio for invoicing and dispatch. Because it's all API-based, it's robust, fast and incredibly efficient. Bidders, registrations, bids, invoicing - all of it happens in real time. We think it's the perfect combination.

We look forward to offering Artisio/Bidlogix package to their existing clients as well as offering their live auction system to our new clients. The start has been very positive and we look forward to working with them in future.

Berdia Qamarauli