Simple Surplus Asset Management - Discover, collaborate, understand and liquidate your assets


Transform the way you manage assets throughout your organisation with our cost-effective and user-friendly surplus asset management software.

AssetFlow is a secure and streamlined asset management solution that enables you to discover, collaborate, understand and liquidate your assets faster and more efficiently.


Manage your assets from discovery to disposal with our centralised asset management software.  AssetFlow provides all the features asset managers need to maintain transparency and compliance while increasing efficiency and generating revenue from surplus assets.

  • Asset input

    Manage your assets more effectively and track key data, including pictures, video and documents

  • Custom fields 

    No matter what kind of assets you need to catalogue, you can capture the information that matters to your business with unlimited customisable data fields.  

  • Mobile friendly

    Manage and view your assets anytime, anywhere across a wide range of desktop and mobile devices.

  • Approvals and sign off

    Assets progress through a streamlined approval process customised to your business needs.

  • Compliance

    Increased visibility of your assets and transparency of your asset disposal program will give you the control you need to comply with all relevant industry standards.

  • Disposal options

    Generate revenue from your company’s surplus assets by sending them to internal or external marketplaces.

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Streamline your asset management processes with a centralised solution for all your surplus asset tracking and disposal needs. Our scalable asset management software can be set up within minutes and our user-friendly interface means you’ll be up and running straight away!

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